Augmented reality (AR)

Immerse end-customers in their tailor-made 3D projects as a game,
and help them in their decision-making with a concrete idea !

Product integration for a

AR simulation

End customers need to visualise their configuration in a real way. Help them in their decision making and integrate the 3D of the product, using a tablet or a smartphone, directly into their environment thanks to augmented reality (AR).

Enhance the quality product to zoom on details by approaching the devise, as if the product had already been installed !

Bring products to the background automatically with this Lidar-enabled technology !

Multi-media compatibility

Apple compatible (ARKit)

Google Compatible (ARCore)

Flash a QRcode from the web version to make AR on mobile

Help end customers in their
decision making process

Help end customers in their
decision making process

Use an illustration of the project in the consumer’s environment to trigger the act of buying.