Decking Configurator

Grow your sales by offering a fast, complete and visual configuration of all your decking products.

3D Pergola Configurator
3D Pergola Configurator



Grow your sales by offering a fast, complete and visual configuration of all your decking products.

Full personalization

Shape of the terrace

The shape of your terrace is completely customizable and reproducible in real size, you can also realize the most complex shapes. Then you can choose to add obstacles (a vegetable garden or a swimming pool) in your terrace to obtain an accurate costing.

2D customisation options

Product configuration

All the features of your terrace can be customized down to the smallest detail. From the choice of finish and color of the boards to the joists, frames, etc. You can also define several zones in your deck and apply a different pattern.

Project visualisation

3D model

To obtain a final rendering that is as close to reality as possible, the configuration of the decking products is done directly in 3D, using a dynamic visualisation in real time and to scale.

Augmented reality (AR)

Optimize your conversion rates by providing a fun experience for consumers. With tablet use, allow users to integrate the decking project in augmented reality without forcing them to download an additional application from the stores. This way, ensure the use of this fully immersive innovation.

Technical documentation

Detailed printouts

A PDF estimate is generated after each configuration. In addition to the complete summary, an animated 3D graphic rendering of the deck boards and plans with precise dimensions are included.

The functionalities of the

3D Decking configurator

Definition of the environment

Free design of the terrace plan with the possibility of adding a pool or an obstacle.

Advanced options

Management of all the parameters of the terrace, such as the types of joists, the height on the wedge, the frames, etc.


Adding lights, finishing profiles and other accessories for an accurate costing.

Real time costing

Management of public prices, purchase prices and sales prices. Taking into account of all the + or – values.

Technical plans

Display of precise and detailed dimensions of the deck, boards & joists as well as the 3D model.

Data export

Connection of the Decking configurator to all of your other production and administration tools.

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