Fences Configurator

Grow your sales by offering a fast, complete and visual configuration of all your fencing and divider products.

3D Fences Configurator

Full personalization of

Multi-products projects

Gates, wicket door, fences and letterbox totems can be all configured in a single project. They are rendered in a realistic, customized vector graphic way and are therefore compliant with the manufacturing process.

Project visualization

Photo simulation

Gates and fences can be integrated directly into the end customer’s environment photos. The project is displayed from different points of view, with real-time configuration.

Technical documentation

Detailed printouts

Un devis PDF est généré après chaque configuration. En plus du récapitulatif complet, un rendu graphique 2D des portails ainsi qu’un découpage automatique des sections entre poteaux avec génération de plans cotés y sont incorporés.

The functionalities of the

3D Fences configurator
Definition of the environment

Addition of posts/murets and choice of type (concrete, aluminium or wood) with management of complex angles.

Advanced options

Management of all gate parameters, such as opening types, leaves and shapes.

Motorisation & Accessoires

Choice of gate’s motor and other accessories for precise cost estimate.

Real time costing

Management of public prices, purchase prices and sales prices. Taking into account of all the + or – values.

Complex fences

Consideration of low wall fences with steps, with a choice of the type of installation.

Data Export

Connection of the Gates configurator to all of your other production and administration tools.

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