Railing Configurator

Offer a fast, complete, and visual configuration of all types of your railing projects!

3D Railing Configurator
3D Railing Configurator



Offer a fast, complete and visual configuration of all type of your railing projects!

Full personnalization of the


Design your project’s environment quickly and intuitively. You can either start from a modifiable pre-defined shape or draw the contours of your terrace, concrete staircase, etc., segment by segment. Manage multi-levels and choose between straight stairs or those with landings.

3D Configuration

Visualize your tailor-made railing project in 3D, all while adhering to manufacturing constraints. Manage various railing types, whether they’re assembled or welded aluminum, stainless steel parts, and more, complemented with options like glazing or perforated sheet metal. Also, oversee different installation methods.

Project visualization

3D modelling

To achieve a rendering as close to reality as possible, the railing is configured entirely in 3D, with dynamic, real-time, and to-scale visualization.

DATA export

Bill of materials and DXF exports

As a manufacturer, you have the possibility to receive highly accurate orders from your resellers via EDI. Additionally, you can export DXF files for your design office or bills of materials to integrate with your ERP.

Sales documents

Detailed printing

A PDF quote is generated after each configuration. In addition to a comprehensive summary, it includes an animated 3D graphic rendering of the railings and plans with precise measurements.

Railing configurator main features

Management of complex models

Configure complex models with realistic renderings, including those of perforated sheet-metal or glazing.

Staircase/Level configuration

Integration of all constraints into the costing of an inclined railing. Possibility to manage multi-level projects.

Mounting method

Integratation of top mount, fascia mount, and core mount options. Rendering and pricing is adapted in real-time.

Juliet Balcony

Method available for any project not requiring the configuration of a complete terrace.

Real-time pricing

Instant calculation of the project price with extra or reduced costs and options.

Data export

Connection of the Railing configurator to your other production and administration tools.

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