3D B2C configurators

The B2C configurator is a great Schowcase through which the customer will discover your products!

85% of them are looking for new products online.


Qualified leads

The end customer want to focus on the details (color, options, etc.) of his project before going to a professional reseller. To do this, the B2C configurator will demand a minimum of technical questions to the user.

Then, the objective, is to help the customer to decide to send his contact details quickly, completely and simply!

Different objectives

Capture highly qualified leads from your websites to improve the attractiveness of your digital media:

Deal with your leads (B2C) or send them to your resellers (B2B2C)

Propose a white label B2C version of your configurator to your resellers to integrate it in their websites:

Enhance your professional customers loyalty, differenciate with  your competitors.

Re-open the end customer’s lead to edit a project certified by a reseller without re-starting the whole project:

Lead management efficiency, win/lost statistics tracking.

Improvement of the shopping experience in showrooms and trade fairs by integrating your B2C configurator into a touchscreen:

Digitalization of your physical store, consumer’s autonomy in point of sale.