3D B2B configurators

 Technical and Sales 3D configurators dedicated
to all professionals: manufacturers, salesmen, craftsmen and retailers!

Integration of the manufacturer’s Technical Constraints provide

Advanced features

These features are made for professional users. They have knowledge of the technical constraints and are able to take into consideration of all these parameters. The objective is to provide a viable (manufacturable) project to the end-customer.


It enhance human skills and simplify the sales process to increase productivity!

Different objectives

Different type of users

Used by your internal teams and your professional customers to build loyalty: Salesman, Craftsman, Architect, Landscaper, etc.

Adapted to your Brands

Adaptation to your graphic charters which could be specific for your brands. It permit an investment pooling without restarting the whole project. Having an optimal version for your different brands.

Completely linked to your systems

The Configurator will be linked to your own IT System (ERP, CRM, E-commerce, Online ordering, Extranet, etc.) to allow a continuous digital chain.