Door Configurator

Boost your sales by providing a swift, comprehensive, and visual configuration of all your door products.

3D Door Configurator
3D Door Configurator



Grow your sales by offering a fast, complete and visual configuration of all your door products.

Full personnalisation of

The environment and the model

The layout of the entry door is fully configurable. Depending on the constraints of your environment you will have a list of models and options to choose from. You can manage :

Height and width of the panel

Type of installation

Insulation thickness

Model selection

Standard and with sidelite

The entrance door can be fully configured. According to the model you can choose between different options :


1 Sidelite

2 Sidelites

Sidelites and transom

Project visualisation

Photo simulation

To achieve a final rendering that closely mirrors reality, the configuration of the entrance doors is conducted in 3D, featuring dynamic, real-time, and to-scale visualization. Furthermore, the door can be seamlessly integrated into the end customer’s environment photos, making the project more tangible and encouraging the purchase decision.

Project visualization

Augmented quote

Scan the QR CODE to view your product in 3D, simulate it on a photo or see it in real size at home in Augmented Reality (AR).

Technical documentation

Detailed printouts

A PDF document is generated after each configuration. In addition to the complete summary, an animated 3D graphic rendering of the entrance doors and plans with precise dimensions are included.

The 3D doors configurator’s


Selection guide

Help in discovering the need according to the type of product and the preferences of the end customer.

Configurable options

Parametrization and customization of the model, colors, decor, glazing and window tints.

Type of installation

Entrance doors can be configured for slab, prehung, renovation, etc.

Real-time pricing

Management of public prices, purchase prices and sales prices. Taking into account of all the + or – values.

Data export

Connection of the Door configurator to your other production and administration tools.

Detailed printouts

Complete PDF quote with a 3D graphic rendering of the project and precise quotation.

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